NSVS catalog entry: Object ID 1726377

Note: this object has TPLSTATS flag set for lack of "good" data points.
It indicates low quality. Aggregate info is based on all template points instead.
After flag rejection there are points to display
Position (J2000.0)
HTM ID (depth 14) 4123495521
RA 1:2:9.27
DEC 59:55:43.75
RA dec (deg) 15.53862
DEC dec (deg)59.92882
RA err (arc sec)0.58
DEC err (arc sec)0.65
Median ROTSE Mag 10.554
Mag Scatter 0.115
Median Error 0.014
total N points 255
N good points 181
N no flip 203
Flags 1